NEXT is more than a beverage. It's a philosophy.

We put a man on the moon, gone to the deepest depths of the ocean, heck, even made vegan beef jerky tolerable; why are we still stuck with the same old beverage choices?

Tired of having to choose between the lessor of two evils— sugar on one side and artificial sweeteners on the other? The founders of NEXT were and spent two years making sure we can have it all— taste, quality, and even a little guilt free fun. So if you’re looking for a mixer to go steady with, that will always have your back, then look no further.

The NEXT tribe is rooted in the spirit of adventure, quality of life, community, giving back and never compromising what’s truly important:







Giving back is a priority.

From the very beginning the environment played a big part in our packaging. The container is 100% recyclable and with every canister of NEXT you purchase you are saving three large conventional bottles of margarita mix from the landfill.

In addition to smaller packaging NEXT shall partner with various environmental groups to positively impact the world we share.  For every bottled purchase, NEXT donates to reforestation efforts in Africa. The first group we partnered with is Trees for the Future ( The more you buy, the more they plant— creating more jobs, food and a greener world for us all to share. 

Who knew margaritas could help make the world greener?