Questions, answered.

Q: What is the best care for instructions?
Next Margarita is made with simple, clean ingredients. We recommend keeping the bottle in a cold dark place like a pantry. You can store it in the refrigerator but it is not necessary.
Q: How long does Next Margarita last?
Next Margarita has a shelf life of two years if unopened. Once opened, it’s about six months. Moisture is the biggest factor which can begin to make the mix cake up. We always recommend keeping the lid closed and to store in a cold dark place. To maximize the longevity of the product you can put it in the refrigerator but it is not necessary.
Q: How long is the mix good for once you add water?
We recommend consuming with 72 hours once you’ve mixed with water.
Q: What are the lime and orange crystals made out of?
Next Margarita’s ingredients are the same found in a lime or an orange; Citric Acid, Lime/Orange Juice, and Lime/Orange Oil. All ingredients are Non-GMO.
Q: Is Next Margarita organic?
Next Margarita is made with simple ingredients but is not organic.
Q: How is Next Margarita considered sugar-free when it contains sugar?
Next Margarita has a tiny amount of sugar (<0.5g/ a serving) as a natural bulking agent for the orange but does not sweeten the product. This small amount of sugar is considered to be negligible by the FDA, and does not have any effect on blood sugar levels when used in beverages.
Q: I noticed you are using monk fruit (Luo Han Guo) as your sweetener. Is the sweetness being extracted using water or chemical methods?
Next is committed to not only the health and well-being of our customers; we also care about the environment. We sourced the highest quality monk fruit available which only uses a water extraction method.
Q: How do you address pesticides that are sprayed on the fruits? Does it make its way into the oils and juices?
Next went to great lengths to source the cleanest ingredients possible. The lime and orange crystals make up the bulk of our mix. Our supplier makes sure the pesticides that are sprayed on citrus fruits do not enter their blends. Before they encapsulate the citrus fruits’ oils and juices, the citrus oils are refined and processed using state-of-the-art technology to essentially reduce any pesticide residue down to zero.
Q: Is Next Kosher?
Technically no. Next is made with all Kosher ingredients but they have not been kosher certified.
Q: Are the colors you use natural?
Yes, no artificial colors are used in Next.
Q: Are all of your ingredients sourced in the United States?
While all of our manufacturing is done in the United States, we utilize a number of sources from outside the United States. Some ingredients, like monk fruit, aren’t yet produced in the United States on a large scale. Our number one consideration in purchasing ingredients is quality and number two is a reliable supply.
Q:Are your products vegan?
Q: I have diabetes. Can I use Next as a non-alcoholic beverage replacement?
Yes!!! Many people with diabetes are looking to replace sweetened, caloric beverages and even artificially sweetened beverages since artificial sweeteners have been linked to weight gain and Type 2 diabetes. Next is lime and orange based so you can use it for everything from adding a little citrus to water to smoothies or mocktails.
Q: How do I contact your company?
Natures Next Bev
4858 West Pico Blvd #395
Los Angeles, CA 90019
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